Where did you go, 2016?!

I still can’t quite believe we’re in a new year already…and that the last time I posted about my travels was 11 months ago. Although it’s been quiet here on my blog, 2016 certainly wasn’t – in terms of travel it was the busiest I’ve had, visiting seven countries across three continents.

I spent Easter in Germany, travelled to Australia, Singapore, Thailand and Taiwan in the summer, took a trip to Italy in September, and spent a long weekend in Malta at the end of November.

I’m not really one for setting New Year’s resolutions, but I do know that I want to devote more time to my blog – a place where I can reflect on my travels, the places I visit and the things I experience. I also hope that by sharing my stories it will give others the inspiration or insight they need to make their next travel adventure a reality. There really is so much world to see.

What are my plans for 2017?

I’m hoping to explore a little closer to home this year by planning some short trips and weekend getaways around the UK. I’ve always been drawn to faraway shores but I haven’t really seen too much of my home country, so that’s something I’d like to change.

If I do manage to stick to my word, hopefully it won’t be so quiet here on my blog either, as I catch up on some of my recent travels and daydream about the next adventure!

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